Medical and Surgical Care Plans


In an effort to provide more comprehensive services and continuity of care for your horse at affordable rates, New Jersey Equine Clinic is pleased to offer Care Plan packages.  Each Care Plan package listed below can be customized to meet your horse's individual needs.  We recognize not only the importance of initial treatment for your horse, but the aftercare and rehabilitation as well.

Ensure the best care for your horse and protect your investment by further exploring these Care Plan packages and/or contacting us to find the best Care Plan options available to you and your horse!


Surgical Care Plan Packages

Orthopedic Surgery
Care Plan

Care Plan includes:  Examination,
Radiographic Examination,
General Anesthesia,
Surgical Procedure,
2 weeks of Post-Operative Care
 (Medication, Bandaging, Board)



Soft Tissue Surgery
Care Plan

Care Plan includes:  Examination,
Diagnostic Workup,
General Anesthesia,
Surgical Procedure,
2 weeks of Post-Operative Care
 (Medication, Board)





Medical Care Plan Packages

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Care Plan includes:
Series of HBOT treatments
tailored to your horse's needs,
a controlled exercise program,
and board.
 HBOT Care Plan may be
combined with other Care Plans.



Care Plan includes:
Ultrasonographic Examination,
Customized treatment
such as
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP),
Stem Cell Therapy,
 Shockwave Therapy,
HBOT, and/or IRAP,
a controlled exercise program,
and board.


Boarding, Layups,

buddy winter pic
Basic board includes bedding, cleaning,
feeding (4 times/day), daily supervision by veterinarians and stable technicians,
and daily turnout (individual or group) or
hand walking exercise based on the
horse's individual needs.